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Elite Club Member Program


  • Discounts on all SBD Tournaments or Club Partner Events for our Elite Club Members, Soccer Village Club Partners and United Soccer Coach Member Clubs. 

  • Your club must commit 6 teams ( per event) to at least 3 separate tournaments ( SBD or Club Partner event) per calendar year.

  • Depending on availability, your club may receive complimentary hotel rooms for coaches traveling to events.

  • Coaches may receive on-site VIP Hospitality.

  • Teams will receive a voucher code from the event director for teams to apply. Failure to use the voucher may result in the clubs not getting the discount. 

  • SBD will invoice the club at registration deadline for any event, the discount will be included on the invoice. The club must write one check and not pay by credit card.

SBD Tournaments:

CLICK HERE ( complete list of 2017-2018 SBD Tournaments)

  • 20% Discount offered for all teams! (Clubs can only use one discount at a time for an event)

Club Partner Events managed by SBD :

CLICK HERE (complete list of 2017-2018 Club Partner Events)
Club Partner Events Discounts:

# of teams 7v7 9v9 11v11 Club Rebate
10-15 teams $15 off $20 off $25 off $150
16-19 teams $20 off $25 off $30 off $200
20 plus teams $25 off $30 off $35 off $500

**Club Rebate can be used for your club toward any qualified SBD Tournament (excludes Club Partner Events). SBD will apply the rebate to the next tournament a clubs applies to attend.

Interested in becoming a CLUB member? 

Contact: Brian Simpson

Soccer Village Club Partners

SBD Event Management would like to welcome Soccer Village as a marketing partner! We are excited to bring a great value to the Soccer Village partner clubs.  

All Soccer Village Club Partner Clubs can receive the benefit as the Elite Club Members.

United Soccer Coaches

SBD Event Management is pleased to announce a marketing partnership with the United Soccer Coaches Member Club Program

We are excited to bring a great value to the clubs who belong to the United Soccer Coaches Member Club Program.  

All United Soccer Coaches Member Club Program clubs can receive the benefit as the Elite Club Members.  

You could win $5000! Plus, help us win a VIP Theater Takeover for our members. ENTER NOW